Career Mentoring

The career mentorship program of the Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired is an important project that connects blind and low-vision students with successful blind role models who guide them along the route from school to professional success.

The program, which is currently active in Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, and Nebraska, includes numerous monthly simulated modules on a range of pre-employment transition topics and in-person seminars and workshops led by successful adult blind role models to aid mentees in gearing up for higher education and challenging employment.

Looking to Become a Mentee?

As a mentee, you will be linked with a network of successful blind mentors who will provide you with guidance, assistance, and support as you construct your future. You will:

  • Acquire the conviction that it is OK to be blind.
  • Appreciate the significance of understanding alternative blindness treatments that have been shown to be effective.
  • Learn to deal with public views and misconceptions regarding blindness successfully and with grace.
  • Develop an appreciation for the need of integrating with sighted peers on the basis of equal rights and responsibilities.
  • Gain self-assurance and a solid feeling of self-worth via volunteer work and giving back.
  • Learn to create a personalized access technology strategy.
  • Collaboration with blind specialists.
  • Explore several intriguing career possibilities
  • We invite submissions from students enrolled in school in Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, and Nebraska between the ages of fourteen and twenty-two.

If you are interested in being a mentee, kindly contact us

Interested in Mentoring Others?

Our career mentoring program depends heavily on mentors. As a mentor, you will not only have the opportunity to serve as a good role model for a young blind person, but you will also have the chance to enhance your own abilities and grow your social, professional, and support networks.

If you are interested in being a mentor, kindly contact us

If you have additional inquiries, please contact us at

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