Life of the Blind and Visually Impaired

Adapting to Life with Vision Loss

Some medical professionals have related the early emotions of vision loss to the “stages of grief” that a person goes through after the death of a loved one, as defined by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.  These stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Denial, anger, depression, and finally, acceptance of the loss of a loved … Read more

Life Difficulties Of The Blind

The obstacles to daily life for the visually impaired are not limited to their condition. People who are visually impaired are no different from anyone else. Is this as straightforward as it seems to us?  Those who aren’t regarded as “average,” such as the visually handicapped, have a more challenging time than the average person. … Read more

Sight Loss: The Clinical Definition

Sight Loss: The Clinical Definition

A person is considered legally blind if they have a visual acuity of 20/200 or worse in their better eye with corrective lenses or if their visual field is less than 20 degrees. However, more is needed to serve as a sufficient explanation. Instead, it’s a means to give formal recognition in measurable medical terms … Read more